Harrison Davis

Performance Marketing Expert with 6+ Years of Experience.
Currently on assigment at Google!

About Me

I am a performance marketing expert who has advanced knowledge of a range of digital technologies, with specialism in paid media, advertising technology, and advanced analytical tools. I am a hard-working, driven worker with a passion for continuous learning. Most recently I have dedicated myself to learning about AI, and how to use the latest tools in a business context to improve performance and make work more efficient. This has included building LLM automations trained on company data, and utilising Python scripts to bulk edit images.Clients I Have Worked On- Google (Current)
- Samsung
- University of Bath
- University of Glasgow
- Nottingham Trent University


  • Currently working as a Performance Account Manager at Google, as part of gPod.

  • Previously worked as a Performance Marketing Manager at Starcom, with my client focus being Samsung.

Where You Can Contact Me?

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, or book a call!

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